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  • 1. How much do you charge?Open or Close

    We are charging according to your choice of band pieces and scale of your event. For wedding events, we highly recommend RCE’s best seller package. If you are interested, please click on ‘GET A QUOTE’ or contact us, we will then send you a quotation via email.

  • 2. Do we need to provide meals for the band?Open or Close

    Yes! It is a common and ethical practice in Malaysia for the host/event organisers to provide our fellow performers with decent meals as the performers would always arrive earlier for the sound check and rehearsal of your wedding/events.

    Besides, a satisfied performer always gives a better performance than a starving one.

  • 3. How do I know whether the hotel or restaurant do provide sufficient sound system?Open or Close

    Most hotels/restaurants do have a sound system. However, it is often not sufficient for band performances as they only provide normal P.A system (i.e. only 2 mics for speeches). There are a few restaurants that provide sound system for live band but we cannot guarantee the quality of such sound system as we have no knowledge of it.

    Ideally, RCE would suggest you to take up our sound system as we do provide high quality sound system with a reasonable price. However, this is entirely up to your discretion in this matter.

  • 4. What songs do you normally play in events?Open or Close

    RCE will customize the stage performance according to your needs and the type of event you are holding. RCE will choose songs that are suitable for your events as RCE objective is to provide to you a memorable event.